Discover ways of reducing your concerns by utilising our stress relief and coachin services. At Blue Water Coaching, in Bristol, Avon, we offer ongoing support to all of our clients. All of our sessions are tailored to your requirements and our bespoke plans enable you to be the best possible version of yourself.

Relieve Your Stress Levels in Bristol, Avon


Determining the Issue 

Many people experience stress at some stage in their life and our highly skilled coaches are available to assist clients. Aiming to identify issues and how customers are able to rediscover themselves, we work to meet your requirements. We provide life coaching based around individual customers and their personal pressures.


Common Causes

Stress is one of the most common mental health problems in the UK and in small amounts is often tolerated. However, prolonged or intense stress levels negatively impact relationships, work performance, and often lead to panic attacks or depression. Stress also contributes to physical aches and pains. Common symptoms of stress include:

Changes in Appetite - Irritability - Lack of Motivation - Mood Swings - Negative Thinking - Problems Concentrating - Trouble Sleeping

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Initial consultation

Whether you're more comfortable with a face-to-face consultation, or would  prefer to consult via Skype™, we are happy to confer with you however you feel at ease. You are entitled to a free 20-minute consultation to discover whether or not we are compatible to work together.

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Arranging Sessions

No matter how much guidance you require, our experts are happy to work around your requirements. We are able to offer weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions to suit you. On-going support is provided via email, and phone out of our usual business hours.

Comprehensive Support

Stress management has the ability to support you in an array of areas. We provide professional services that:

Comprehensive Support

  • Give You the Opportunity to Explore the Underlying Causes of Your Stress and Anxiety

  • Helps Examine Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviours that Contribute to Stress

  • Enable You to Gain Self-Understanding and Insight

  • Offers Tailored Coping Strategies to Manage Stressful Situations

  • Improves Your Ability to Handle Pressures and Your Reactions to Them

  • Allows You to Learn Techniques and Tools That Are Effective for You in the Long Run

Company Workshops

Relieve stress within the workplace by taking advantage of our company workshops. Aiming to reduce the pressure on staff, we provide an assortment of worksheets and activities. Business coaching has the ability to transform your organisation and our coaches love to see how your company progresses.

Contact us, in Bristol, Avon, to find out more about our stress relief and coachin services.