Is the sun shining.

The dark clouds are swiftly moving across the sky as I sit in my office early this morning, watching in contemplation.

Some clouds are dark and thick, others are showing the light behind.

Although I love sunny days, there is peace in my heart as I watch the clouds. Is that because I trust that the sun will come out today or tomorrow?

I think it is trust that allows me to sit in contentment appreciating this cloudy sky.

If it is cloudy out is the sun still shining? Yes. If it is raining is the sun still shining? Yes.

No matter what is happening on our planet, the sun is always shining.

It is the same with us! No matter what is going on in our lives we are the sun.

We can shine our own light and lift the clouds of fear, frustration and lack.

We can connect to peace and abundance.

You are the Light

When the world looks cloudy and dark
Remember, you are the light.
With your smile, love, and kindness
Go to your heart, bring out the light.

When the world looks bright
Take in the light for when it is dark.
Remember, you are the light.

It is the flow in which we grow,
Breath in, breath out as you go.
Be the flow and remember:
When it is dark you are the light.