My secret Place

My secret place TENBY
I am grateful to the welsh countryside and beaches as this has become my sacred place where I enjoy deeply connecting to myself. The beauty of nature has a profound effect upon me; it becomes the gateway from the outer world to the inner.
No big orange cones are blocking my way! Reentry is here. Maybe normalcy is returning. A few weeks ago, this site was blocked off, inaccessible.
The sun shine and sounds of the sea welcomes me. I wonder if they are calling others or keeping them away. I have the same feelings with this reopening of society. Part of me is wanting it, and part of me, is not so comfortable.
I hear the birds calling me back to the moment as I smell the deliciousness of earth and drink in the views. The familiarity of the sounds, sights, and smells makes me feel safe again, as if normalcy has returned.
This world is quite astonishing, when you step into this moment, out of the thoughts that chase you away. When you open your heart and your mind without a haze of your fears, amazement comes!
When I am most awake, most present in the moment, every sense of nature converges into a single energetic joy. It is as if there is a feeling passing between each living thing, a bond that is tangible and blended, a melody beyond the range of ears but available for the heart.
As each blade of grass moves in the wind, a part of me does also. It is the togetherness of what appears to be separate; interconnectedness is the real nature of our universe.
I want to know more. I want to know more about me, I want to know more about you, I want to know more about life....
I must reenter along with the rest of society! This will require some courage and vulnerability. In the living, I will learn. I will allow the unfolding without attachment to any outcome.
And you?


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