Can you be positive all the time?

For many years I thought I could
be optimistic and enthusiastic at all times. Can you relate to that? Well,
let me tell you something, that was exhausting.

Finally I realized that
was just humanly not possible!

This unrealistic demand for
unrelenting positivity is, I believe, one of the downfalls of the positive
thinking movement. People think they should be "positive" all the
time and they don’t like themselves or others when they are negative. This
unrealistic demand on reality can create a lot of stress.

As human beings we are here to live every spectrum
of all emotions and experience our life through these different expressions. If
we can master our self-knowledge and have the emotional wisdom to understand
what each emotion shows us, we can neutralize ourselves and come back to our
center / heart and be accepting of the given situation without any lopsided

When we can observe what is as it is,
we can make a better decision from this neutrality. There are
"negative" feelings in each of us, and they can be clues for what
needs attentions; so-called negative responses only become limiting when we
are stuck with them and do not use them as a guide for making a change in
thoughts or a change in actions.

If you find yourself happy and sad,
up and down, optimistic and pessimistic be assured that–at least in that
regard!–you are normal and healthy. Just don’t let those feelings consume you,
taking you over. I do also want to acknowledge that at times we can find
ourselves in a dark or anxious place, and simply not know how to handle it.
This may take deeper work prolonged over a period of time, but I hope you will
accept that even those difficult states of mind can be re-balanced and
understood more fully so that they eventually add meaning to your life.

Neutrality can happen in seeing the
duality of any given emotion. In allowing that neutrality, you dissolve
wishful-thinking or doom-and-gloom fantasies and claim your full power in
reality, including your ability to choose. Acceptance and understanding
this principle of polarities can free you; that is, all experiences come in
pairs of opposites, and we can move encompass those polarities for greater
freedom in our lives. As you embrace all that you are and all that is you, you
center yourself and give yourself the freedom to choose.

Not rejecting any
part of you yet consciously choosing what you focus on, and choosing a
direction for yourself, helps you to take steps and ultimately achieve what
you want to create.


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