Take a moment to think about all the things you are looking forward to.

What are those things?

If you get excited and feel happy about what is coming up, then your heart is on the right track!

Your mind will focus on the positive and your inner light will shine out.

Keep your heart centered on what you love.

Keep looking forward and keep thinking positive.

You are at you best when you shine.


One of the things that makes you so wonderful
is that you are really good at feeling your feelings.

Sometimes they can be blissful.
And other times, feelings can be a struggle.

But you - are not ashamed to feel life happening.
It builds experience. And that takes real courage.

Thank you for being brave enough
to use that experience to help yourself and others.
It helps us all remember that we are not alone.


You have set sail into the next adventure
...and sure enough, the power of your positive thinking
is on your side, working its magic.

You already have everything it takes
to have your goals and dreams unfold beautifully.

And you know exactly the right time
to take a leap of faith to keep moving forward.

Just remember to stay flexible,
and keep believing in your success.

You've got this handled!

You are completely amazing,
and you have every right to be in awe of yourself!

It's time to get excited about what is on the horizon!


Today is World Kindness Day.

Did you know that kindness is good for your physical health, your emotional well-being, and even makes you more attractive to others?

Yes that's right. Kindness is one of the invisible currencies of happiness, health, and success – in all areas of life including business. The more you are kind to yourself and others, the more enjoyable and fruitful each day will be




Let me ask you a question,
 "What are you going to DO to get unstuck?"

We've all had areas in our life that we've said we're going to change, even areas we've been DETERMINED to change… and we've set out with very good intentions.

Whether it's our relationships, our spiritual journey, our business, our finances, our career, our health, writing a book, or something else – we all have something we want to improve, or an area we want to breakthrough in.

But for one reason or another it remains elusive, we never actually do it.

Maybe we pull back too soon. Maybe we don't follow through on our good intentions. Maybe we make excuses, or even sabotage the breakthrough we say we long for before we even have an opportunity to get started!

Whatever the reason, we just don't seem to be able to breakthrough and get unstuck.

The good news is that

Failure is not the end of the road, it isn't a verdict. We can learn a lot from failure, when we allow failure to be a teacher it's a path forward.

Mistakes aren't something to be embarrassed about, they're steps on the path to success. When you look at the lives of people we hold in high esteem you'll find that failure litters their path... what makes the difference is that they pressed through, they didn't stay stuck, and they didn't give up!

The way you approach your obstacles or goals, your beliefs about who you are, your life, your situation, AND your mindset... are the foundation for success or failure



An encouraging reminder for you.

Keep this in mind:
"Letting go" doesn't mean you are giving up,
and it doesn't mean failure, either.

What it means, 
- is that you are totally ready to
make happiness a bigger priority in your life.

It takes a lot of courage to make room for change.
(If it was easy, then everyone would do it!)

But you are capable, 
...and you know your happiness is worth it.
And I know it, too!
Keep being brave!


"The 60 Second Tranquilliser"

This is a quick and easy breathing technique to bring about rapid relief when needed.

Using positive thoughts will activate the parasympathetic nervous system and help you to switch off your fight/flight

reaction. It is the perfect solution to rapidl y calm nerves, focus the mind and help you to think more clearl y.

You can use this simple and powerful exercise at any time when you feel worried, tense, nervous or anxious.

The benefit of this exercise is that it can be done anywhere and at any time. This can be done either sitting down or

standing up; you may close your eyes if it is safe to do so or if you prefer keep them open.

* Say firmly but silently to yourself – "TAKE CONTROL".

* Repeat – "I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT TO" and breath out slowly.

* Slowly breathe in through your nose and then out through pursed lips, allowing the abdomen to soften and rise

on the in breath then deflate and return to normal on the out breath.


* Slowly repeat this for 6-8 breaths over the minute with the breath out being slightl y longer than the breath in.

* Say to yourself each time – "I AM BREATHING IN PEACE & BLOWING AWAY TENSION".

* Each time you breathe out, make sure you relax your face, jaw, shoulders and hands.

* If your symptoms persist, repeat this technique for 3-5 minutes until you feel calm and relaxed.






7 Positives For A Better Life

1. Change the thought – Change the outcome:

This is the starting point, reprogramming your brain by replacing an unhelpful negative thought or belief with a new

positive one. Use your imagination to visualize or ‘show’ your brain what you want. The power of the mind cannot

be over-estimated!

2. Self-belief starts with you:

This is an empowering way of taking more control in your life rather than relying on others to make you feel good.

Do something fun or caring for yourself today!

3. Don’t just do what you did last year:

Repeating what you always do will bring you the same outcome unless others change & this is not in your control.

So if you didn’t like all that happened last year make plans & set new goals, do something different!

4. Deal with difficult decisions now, not later:

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today" We all know this but positive action is required to make it

happen. Prioritize & do the difficult tasks first in the day so you have a clear focus for the rest of the day making

you less stressed & more productive!

5. Find reasons to say "yes":

"I would love to but…." here comes the negative reason why you can’t! It can be a really positive experience to just

say yes, if it is possible & what you want, then try to find ways that will allow you the opportunity, maybe you need

others to persuade you, take control & decide for yourself!

6. Renegotiate:

Stuck with what you have always had & now want a change? Look at learning to develop & use your assertive

skills, ask for what you want, discuss your changing needs, expectations with yourself & others to reach the deal

that works for you!

7. Flip it!

There are always two sides to every situation, sometimes more. Take time to look at all your options, don’t just

assume, maybe ask others & make informed choices based on facts!

Always consult your GP if you are concerned about your health


Good day

Life is a story of transition.

Every transformation you have created
 or have grown into for yourself 
...is another page in the story of your life
 where you have learned something new.

As you keep learning new things,
You continue adding pages to your life story.

Why is that?

It is because your life story is branching out
 to continue developing endless possibilities. 
And the best thing about that, 
is that you are so worthy of all there is to gain
from all of those terrific possibilities.

(Trust me. You are.)

Your life story is a wonderful book.
Keep changing for the better.



One way to understand the quality of your life is to observe the quality of questions you ask. For example, if you ask questions with a victim attitude, such as “why does this always happen to me?” you will get back negative answers. These may not be very helpful for you!

When you perceive a situation or a person to be negative or stressful, try to go deeper; you can use the questions below or whatever you find truly helpful in expanding your response choices.

    Is there anything I can do to change the situation?

    What is great and meaningful about this problem?

    How is this situation or person benefiting me?

    What am I willing to do to make things the way I want them to be?

As you ask these questions, your mind will start focusing on solutions as well as feeling less like a victim. Along with that, you will start feeling less stressed, more empowered and ready to take action or actions that will move you forward.



A quick reminder for you. 

Some days, it is way too easy
to count on all of the things happening
that are making life a challenge.

Life does have its challenges.
Sometimes they can be really overwhelming.

But remember this:
Challenge also means opportunity.

Look for the opportunities.
Find the miracles and blessings, too.
They won't steal your joy or your sense of fulfillment.

If there is anything you really deserve
for facing your challenges today
and every day
...you deserve to be happy.
Remember to count on the opportunities,
 and the miracles and the blessings.
Just one day at a time.

The happy you deserve
will be overwhelming you instead.




When you start to feel the pressure of the things you have to do,

the responsibilities that are yours to handle,

the expectations from others (or yourself)

about what you need to accomplish,

And you question whether or not you're up to the task...

all those times before when you asked yourself the same question

-- and got the job done.

Dang, you're good! :)

(And stressed spelled backwards is desserts.)


Your Core Values

It is said that each of us holds many values ...Some ... superficial, transitory, or fitting solely the moment in which we find ourselves. Others are more fixed and stay with us through our life, these are our core values so what are they.....

  1. 1) Your friends and lifelong companions

2) Your compass, seasons, relationships, and goals change but your core values remain, like a compass they always point you in the right direction

3) Your anchor, any storm can take you under, any current can take you places you don't want to go. You have an anchor that holds you when it gets nasty.

All of a sudden you realise the ladder you've been climbing is leaning against the wrong wall.


Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress

The average person in any line of work could double their productive capacity if they began right now to practice all the things they know they should do, and stopped practicing all the things they know they shouldn't do. Now success doesn't come just by practice, you must practice right and do the right things.

There are four pillars of practice we should incorporate into our daily lives in order to succeed:

  1. 1. A Good Coach. Did you hear about the guy who entered his mule into the Kentucky Derby? He'll never win, a friend said, I know, he replied, but we only learn and grow by association, You need to get around the right people.
  2. 2. Your Best Effort. Are you practicing in a way, a time abnd a place that allow you to give your best? Are you giving yourself incentives?
  3. 3. A Clear Purpose. Be certain about what you're trying to accomplish. Effort without knowledge is like speed without direction.
  4. 4. The Right Resources. What resources should you invest in to help you excel? You only play well if you practice well. So where are you on the practice continuum? Just starting out? At the phase of rapid progress? Have you already made your greatest gains, now you're fine tuning? Knowing where you are, helps you know what you need to do. So keep practicing.




A man approached Socrates one day to share some gossip. The wise philosopher asked, First, are you certain it's true. Second, is it something good. Third, is it something useful.When the man said, 'Not really' Socrates replied, Well if it's not true, good or useful, why talk about it.

Gossip can feel like a form of initmacy, but it's actually a false bond motivated by the desire to diminish another person and make yourself look good.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you telling someone who can do something about the problem by helping.

Are you talking to someone wise enough to help you process your feelings.

Is this news worth sharing.

Are you breaking the confidence rule.

Would you divulge your source so it can be checked.

And would you be comfortable if someone was saying things about you.

My mother use to say  if you have nothing good to say dont say anything at all



The Main Question

JOHN GRIFFIN who controlled a railway drawbridge over the Mississippi River, took his young son to work with him one day. After putting the massive drawbridge up, Griffin was eating lunch when suddenly he heard the whistle of the Memphis Express roaring towards the crossing. Leaping from the observation deck, he ran to throw the control switch. Glancing down, his heart stopped! His son had fallen into the gears, trapping his leg in the cogs. Desperately he tried to devise a rescue plan, but there was no time.

His son was down there - but there were four hundred passengers on the train!

Griffin knew what he had to do. Burying his face in his arm, he pushed the master switch just in time to lower the bridge into place as the train thundered across. Then raising his head he looked into the passing windows with tearfilled eyes. There were businessmen casually reading the newspaper, ladies sipping coffee, and children eating ice cream. Nobody even looked at the control house or glanced down at the great grearbox. In agony Griffin cried out 'I sacrificed my son for you people, Don't you care? But as the train rushed by, nobody heard the anguished father's words.

The main question is what would you have done?




When does a good thing become too much?. Can I help you, without hurting me?. Can we share our lives, without me giving up mine?, When do you truly need my help?

When do I need to let go and let you handle it?  Finding the balance between enough and too much in relationships is a constant challenge and isn't easy. Especially when your role tends to be 'all things, at all times, to all people' and theirs is, I'm helpless, you owe me, take care of me: when you have no 'no' and they have no 'tes'. Needing to be needed by needy people who always want someone to take care of them puts the needy person in the driver's seat- and puts you over the edge. They are never happy, whatever you do. So you do more to make them feel happier and yourself feel less guility, and you end up in a double bind. They resent you for not giving enough and you resent them for not appreciating what you give. Yet neither of you knows how to break they cycle. So the relationship becomes what counsellors call a 'more of the same' tangle where both parties resent and devalue the other, feeling stuck in a life dominating trap you both fear to jettison. Marriages, familes, friendships, workplaces and social groups get trapped in this 'victim-rescurer' pattern where needy people and fixers become trapped in a mutual dance they both 'love to hate' but won't stop doing!

Recognise yourself?

If so you're moving towards a healthier, less toxic relationship.




Our hearts can be very fragile. They can be torn apart in a moment, catching us off guard and creating sudden turmoil in our lives. Healing the heart isn’t easy, and it takes time, but with the right mindset and people, they heal. You must have faith.  

Sometimes when you feel your heart is broken, it entirely distracts you from all the other aspects in your life. It’s hard to focus and get back on track until you allow yourself time to process and work through the pain.

It can be hard to cope with loss, grief, disappointments in life but it’s what makes you strong and resilient and empathetic. It makes you real and alive.

“The word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness” Carl Jung

Allow yourself to be sad and recognize that emotion, for you have every right to feel it deeply. But then remind yourself of all the beautiful joys in life and how blessed you are by family and friends and nature and pick yourself back up.

No one likes to have a bad day, and even though they are inevitable, decide to populate your life with as many grand days as possible because your days are not infinite.



Let Your Light Shine Through
In our society, so much of who we are is identified by what we do - meaning our business or career. But we’ve somehow gotten it backwards over the years. It isn’t what we do that identifies us, but who we are that’s important.

The self that is brought to work each morning, that is present in our interactions, and that manages to shine through whether we are poor or Fortune 100 CEO’s is the real essence of who we are. It is that essence that can help us make work that we do not like, into a learning experience and a vehicle for letting our “inner light” shine through.

Each day we hear of people that are very unhappy in their businesses and careers.

Unfortunately it is very common in today’s world. While there are many people who complain and feel down-trodden, there are also those that seem to be able to make the best of a bad situation, no matter what. How do they do that? They have a strong sense of self and, typically, a very healthy dose of optimism.

Take George, for instance. George is an Uber driver. He was laid off from his 15-year job with a large company and had to do something immediately to be able to continue to care for his family. A friend was sharing his enthusiasm for using Uber to get around the city and George knew that this was the perfect temporary solution for him. So he completed the requirements for partnering with Uber as a driver and began driving the next week. George does not like being a driver. He would prefer to be back in his old office doing the job he loved, but he knows that this is what is needed of him for the moment.

George could be sullen or sarcastic about these life-changing events. He could be distant, obnoxious, or rude to his customers but he isn’t. In fact, George has many fares request him directly! They find him always cheerful and funny. He smiles and jokes with them as he whisks them to their destinations and inevitably, he is known for his ability to help brighten someone else’s day. George has the ability of using his “inner light” to make a difference in the lives of others.

Everyone can identify qualities in themselves that they both like and dislike. Too often we dwell on the areas that we feel need improvement and spend barely a nanosecond (if any seconds) patting ourselves on the back for things we consider to be good. When was the last time you actually acknowledged those positive “inner light” qualities within you?

So here is an exercise. Take out a sheet of paper and make a list of those things about yourself that you consider to be good qualities. Once you’ve made your list, I’d like you to sit back and review how you implement these qualities in your everyday life. I’ll bet you will find that you either do them automatically or that you do not exhibit them nearly enough. In fact, I bet that once you have your list in hand, you will immediately be able to come up with ways where you can put them to use.

That is the goal. To draw from this bag of “inner light” qualities and have them become the essence of who you are as you apply them to your daily interactions. From this, you will begin to experience a much more positive existence. You will find yourself looking for ways to implement these qualities, learn not to dwell on the negative, and seek out ways to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

It is a way to step out of yourself and learn to love and appreciate the work and life that you have, even if they are not what you ultimately desire. In short, it is a way of living in the moment that will produce startling results.

Remember the Law of Attraction. Want to bet that when you start exuding energy, lightness, and laughter that those same qualities will begin manifesting themselves in your life at a more rapid pace? You already know the answer.

So get out your pen and paper and start writing. While you’re at it, why not come up with at least five positive things to say about the work/career you have now? I’ll even get you started ... I appreciate the fact that I have work that allows me to to make ends meet.

In case you do not currently have a job, this one’s for you ... I appreciate the fact that I have a well-earned break from working right now. See how easy that was? Now it’s up to you to let that inner light shine through. 



Who's on Board with you?

Robert Schuller was on a cruise ship in the Coral Sea when the captain announced they were about to navigate a very narrow and dangerous crevice. They needed at least thirty feet of water to get through and avoid running aground. Just then a small motorboat approached and on deck was a captain from Australia. As he boarded the big ship, the crew saluted and stepped aside to let him take the helm.

This man specialised in manoeuvering big ships through small spaces, and because of his ecpertise they made it though without a problem.

There's an important lesson here, before you get caught in life's storms, make sure there is someone at the helm and that you know who your travelling companions are.